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TNM Consulting provides a vide a range of services depending the client's needs. 

  1. Outsourced Accounting & Reporting Services

  2. Reporting Systems & Structures Consultation

  3. Digitalization

  4. Internal Control

  5. Internal Audit

  6. Post M&A Integration & Due Diligence

  7. Risk Management

  8. CFO Services

Outsourced Accounting & Reporting 

Outsourcing accounting simply means that hiring a company to provide the accounting and also reporting service to fulfill the company's needs.

Reporting Systems & Structures Consultation

Whether inhouse or outsourced accounting serviced received, TNM is ready to support you to find optimum reporting system for your company.


As we are all aware that machine learning, process automation and artificial intellingence are becoming a part of every business. Our consulting experts can support you to digitalize your finance and accounting systems to have faster and cost efficient financial reporting process.

Internal Control

No matter you are a listed company in a stock exchange market, having an internal control framework in the organization is one of the key elements for growth of your business. We are here to support you to design, implement and improve the internal control environment.

Internal Audit

TNNM is providing internal audit services with it's experienced consultants. Internal audit can  support the management where to focus and what to improve of their organizations. Instead of having an inhouse internal auditors on your payroll, TNM can provide a full service with cost efficiency.

Post M&A Integration & Due Diligence

TNM provides due diligence services for any M&A Transactions and acts as a project manager for post M&A integration of companies with it's experience in multinational companies for years.

Risk Management

We used to call some countries as VUCA  countries however world has became VUCA  itself. VUCA is an acronym of volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. With our experienced partners who had roles as CFO of mutinational companies, TNM is ready to support you on how you can avoid the current and future risk, how you can run your operations with calculated risks and protect organization.

CFO Services

Not every business really needs CFO, in fast growing organizations like startups or country office of global company may only need a part time CFO. TNM provides tailor made CFO services  depending on the client's size and needs.


Please contact with us, let us understand your needs and offer you the most suitable service 

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